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The Tomigusuku-shi firefighting headquarters

The news new order of arrival

"Important news from the Tomigusuku-shi firefighting headquarters"
We issue indication mark [money] in the Tomigusuku-shi firefighting headquarters! Be assigned to this
Information for dangerous materials handler and firefighting equipment person examination (general incorporated foundation) firefighting test center
About AED setting place (can search.) ※It is link to Japanese emergency foundation.
Fire prevention, disaster prevention management notice Okinawa firefighting equipment maintenance association of class
About the Tomigusuku-shi fire prevention regulations revision

Under recruitment of members of firefighting team

 [joining an organization qualification] The city residence or people who work 20 years or older
      (regardless of university student, vocational school student, man and woman)
 ※We need "young power". Person who is interested in firefighting team by all means and member of circle group
  Please contact defending section in charge of firefighting team.
                   Firefighting headquarters defending section (098-850-9108)

Recruitment of members of firefighting team (from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency)

Lifesaving class

 In our firefighting headquarters, we hold lifesaving class as follows and break.

 Place: Tomigusuku-shi firefighting the fourth floor of the headquarters multi-purpose hall
 Object: The city residence or working
 Preparations: Writing utensils, light dress
 ※The application number of people to 50 people (cancel less than three people)
 ※Please submit application to our firefighting headquarters fire department by 14th of class day.
                   Firefighting headquarters fire department (098-850-0529)

・Various applications, notification form downloading

The number of fires emergency as of March 12, 2020 (from January 1 to December 31)

 504 emergency number      One number of fires

First aid and fire statistics (during 2019)

Emergency help statistics
Fire statistics 

Ayumi of firefighting of Tomigusuku-shi             

  • In 1946, we install in the chairpersons of young man at each village as fire brigade (non-reserve). We attach pump to jeep car donated from the U.S. forces and maintain as fire engine.
  • In 1963, we establish the regulations about village firefighting team. We assume fire brigade non-reserve firefighting team.
  • 1968, member of reserve firefighting team alone deployment. We obtain pump by transfer than Naha firefighting and equip 6t truck and locate as fire engine. Afterwards, we gradually increase members of reserve firefighting team.
  • Firefighting headquarters/fire department is established on April 1, 1977 by notification to appoint municipalities which must establish the firefighting headquarters and fire department.
  • As of April, 2019, we protect citizen's life, body and property on the staff of 57 1 1, Motobu police station.

Summary of the Tomigusuku-shi firefighting headquarters (police station)    

"General fire prevention motto national in 2019"

"We click the like button one by one Confirmation looking out for fire in this"

Position of the firefighting headquarters (police station)    Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa 339-1, Kouyasu

Site of the firefighting headquarters and building

Plottage: 4, 443.9㎡
Structure: Part of government building ridge 4 stories above the ground steel reinforced concrete construction prestress beam
          Basic seismically isolated structure
      Training tower 5-story-above-the-ground wall-style steel reinforced concrete construction
Building area: Government building tower 792.80
      Training tower 90.14
Total floor area: Government building tower 3, 030.31㎡
      Training tower 324.00㎡

The jurisdiction area and population

 Area: 19.19k heihometoru (Tomigusuku-shi)
 Population: 64,913 (as of the end of February, 2020)
 Household: 26,519 households

The number of the staff, firefighting team number     

The regulations fixed number: 58 people, firefighting headquarters (police station) organizational chart
The existing number: 57 (as of March, 2020) ※Two dispatch staff (Okinawa firefighting order center)
The number of paramedics: 22 (as of March, 2020)
The member of firefighting team regulations fixed number: 52 people, firefighting team organizational chart
The existing number: 47 uchi three women (as of March, 2020)
Fire prevention club for women
Early childhood firefighting club
Firefighting facility relations
Desk work division of duties of the Tomigusuku-shi firefighting headquarters, police station

 Vehicle introduction

Tomigusuku-shi firefighting headquarters/fire department
The location: 〒 901-0242 Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa 339-1, Kouyasu
General Administration Division 098-850-3097
Defending section 098-850-9108
Prevention Division 098-850-3105
Fire department 098-850-0529
Firefighting headquarters FAX 098-901-4517
Fire department FAX 098-850-9563

Firefighting headquarters General Administration Division is in charge of this page.

TEL: 098-850-3097   FAX: 098-901-4517
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